Completing an Assessment

Completing an assessment is a necessary first step in taking part of many of Jean Tweed Centre’s or other community/hospital programs. This includes our Day and Residential programs and many of our ongoing support programs. An assessment helps determine what type of services and supports might be the best fit for you.

Here’s how to get started and what to expect:

Call us at 416-255-7359 (extension 227 or 260). You can expect to spend about 10 minutes on the phone answering some initial questions. If an assessment is the right next step, we’ll work with you to schedule an in-person appointment.

Your scheduled assessment will happen in person at the Jean Tweed Centre or virtually and should take about 1.5 hours. At the appointment, you’ll complete a Staged Screening and Assessment (SS&A) and answer a few additional questions to help determine what services and supports might be a good fit. You’ll walk away with an understanding of what services we recommend, and how to get started.

Depending on which program might be the best fit for you, you may also need to complete an Ontario GAIN Q3 assessment to get started. If so, we’ll work with you to book another 1.5 hour appointment to complete this.

Are you a physician or support provider?

Find out more about how to make a referral and complete an initial assessment on your client’s behalf.