Making Changes

The Jean Tweed Centre offers a variety of programs and services to help women experiencing challenges with substance use, gambling and mental health.

Scroll down to learn more about our different programs and how they can help you start to make changes, build healthy habits, and a new start.

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Day Program

A three-week program to help women learn about the impacts of substance use and/or gambling, and start making positive changes.

Residential Program

A three-week program that also includes a residential stay and evening program, for women who live outside Toronto.

Individual Counselling

Weekly counselling for women seeking support with substance use and/or gambling challenges who may not be able to participate in a 3-week program.

Gambling Support Group

A weekly group for women with gambling concerns to explore these challenges in a supportive, facilitated setting, among fellow group members and a Jean Tweed Counsellor.

Trauma Services

All of Jean Tweed’s programs are trauma-informed, but we also offer a number of groups designed specifically to support women who are working through substance use and/or gambling concerns after living through distressing experiences or traumatic events.

Support for Mothers & Caregivers

Our Mom and Kids Too and Pathways to Healthy Families programs offer support for pregnant and/or parenting women working through substance use and/or gambling challenges while learning about effective parenting skills. You can also access our Child Development Centre for child care, individual parenting support, parenting workshops, and therapeutic kids programming.

Supportive Housing

Looking for affordable supportive housing? The Jean Tweed Centre supports women in a number of supportive housing programs. Learn more about supportive housing options and how to access them.

Justice Programs

Our Justice, Addiction & Mental Health and Release from Custody programs offer support to women who are in jail or are being released from jail, or who are involved with the criminal justice system.

Continuing Care

After completing the Jean Tweed Centre’s programming, we offer up to two years of continuing care and support to help women maintain and build on the changes they’ve made.

Friends and Family Members

Friends and family members of women working through substance use and/or gambling concerns need support and strategies too. Our weekly group is a safe and supportive environment to help you learn how to offer support, and how to cope.

The Joyce Shipley Education Fund for Women

In memory of Maryjane Schmitz

The Joyce Shipley Education Fund for Women was established to assist women to further their education. Funds will be awarded for post-secondary education costs, including tuition and/or books. Successful applicants may receive up to $500 each year. Awards will be distributed twice per year.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be part of the Jean Tweed Continuing Care program. Completed applications can be submitted to Janice Nadin, Director of Communications and Resource Development or to your JTC continuing care counsellor.

Applications are due by May 31 and September 30. Funding awards are granted August 1 and December 1 of each year.

Maryjane Schmitz was a former counsellor at the Jean Tweed Centre who was convinced of the power in each women to make changes in her life. She helped women know their strengths and believe in their goals. Maryjane’s commitment is exemplified in her desire to continue to support women through the establishment of an Education Fund in her mother’s name; Joyce Shipley.

Joyce Marion Shipley’s family history of substance use and sorrow contributed to her own personal battle with problematic substance use. She strived to teach her daughters to assist other women to increase their self-esteem and to support those who are struggling with problematic substance use.