Our Research

Leading in Partnership

The Jean Tweed Centre is a leader in developing and promoting best and promising practices for supporting women and their families with substance use, mental health, and gambling concerns. By embracing principles of evidence-informed practice, data, research, and evidence is consistently integrated into the decision-making process throughout the organization.

We have a strong track record and long-standing tradition of collaborating across different services and sectors. We believe we are stronger and more effective when we work together, share responsibility, and tap into the creativity that comes from different perspectives.

Our research involves a variety of academic and community-based partners, and we are also active in coordination and planning across different levels of government and the broader social services sector.

Partner with Us

The Jean Tweed Centre is interested in research that:

  • Includes gender analysis in its design, implementation and reporting
  • Includes women and will report on sex/gender data in its results
  • Focuses specifically on women
  • Focuses on intersectionality – how sex, gender, race, socio-economic status and other identities intersect
  • Addresses substance use, mental health and gambling concerns for women and their families
  • Recognizes and awards the contribution of the Centre as a partner, investigator and or participator

Interested in Collaborating?

Contact Dr. Connie Cheung, Director of Research, Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement at:


416-255-7359 ext. 242