About Us

Our Work and Our Values

The Jean Tweed Centre is a leading not-for-profit community-based organization that provides treatment, support and a safe place for women looking to overcome challenges with substance use, gambling and mental health. By building life skills and healthy habits, we help our clients build a new start for a better future.

Our Impact

For 40 years, the Jean Tweed Centre has provided hope, help and healing for those who need it most. Each year, we provide counselling and care to over 1,700 women and their families.

Why We’re Unique

The Jean Tweed Centre brings a uniquely women-centered perspective to our work. Our research-based and trauma-informed approach helps women get the support they need to work through complex challenges.

Our Research

The Jean Tweed Centre is a leader in developing and promoting best practices for supporting women with substance use, mental health and gambling concerns, with a strong track record for collaborating across different services and sectors.

Our Partners and Funders

We believe we are stronger and more effective when we work together, share responsibility, and bring diverse perspectives to the table. The Jean Tweed Centre works collaboratively with our many partners to help women and their families live healthy lives and to ensure they have the best possible care. We are also supported by a number of generous funders who make our work possible.

Our Team

We’re proud to employ a team of accomplished counsellors, therapists, educators and administrators who bring a high degree of skill, expertise, dedication and commitment to their work.