Continuing Care

For women who have completed our programs, we offer up to two years of support to help maintain and build on the changes you’ve made.

Group Counselling

Participate in this group offered twice a week to examine your lifestyle choices, strengthen your coping skills and access ongoing support from your peers. Women who take advantage of this service are much better equipped to meet their personal goals and less likely to experience serious setbacks.

For out-of-town women, remote support is available on a limited basis.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling related to your substance use or gambling goals is also available as part of the continuing care program, in addition to the weekly groups.

You can receive up to 12 individual counselling sessions during your two years of continuing care.

Access Continuing Care

If you have completed our programs and would like to access continuing care, call or email your counsellor or contact us at:

Call: 416-255-7359