Trauma Services

Many women who struggle with substance abuse or problem gambling have experienced some type of trauma in their lives, i.e. physical and/or sexual abuse during childhood, or possibly living as adults in situations where they are in danger. Gambling or using may function as a coping mechanism in these situations.

At Jean Tweed, all clinical services are trauma informed, which means we understand the role that trauma may have played in your life and we will provide a safe and caring environment for you while you begin to make lifestyle changes.

We also offer a range of trauma-specific services for current Jean Tweed clients:

Building Resilience is a 4 week group that provides information about the impact of trauma, the connections to substance use and/or gambling, and builds on existing resources for coping.

Seeking Safety addresses the concurrent impact of trauma, substance use and/or gambling. The focus is on safety skills, coping, empowerment, and personal support. It is approximately 20 weeks in length.

Parenting Beyond Trauma is a group for women who have experienced trauma and parenting young children. The purpose of this group is to provide support, raise awareness about the impact of trauma on parenting, and help strengthen parenting skills. The group is 8 weeks.

Trauma Recovery Group focuses on individual goals established by each participant to further her healing from the impact of trauma. This group is geared to women who have had previous trauma counselling, have achieved some control over posttraumatic symptoms, and are stable in their goal related to substance use and/or gambling. This group is 16 weeks.

One time Consultations are an opportunity to speak with a counselor about trauma counselling, to enquire about a specific question or receive general information.

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