In addition to the Jean Tweed referral package (link below), a complete referral includes:

For substance use concerns only: a copy of the Admission Discharge Assessment Tools (ADAT) + DHQ or the Q3RRS (no DHQ) + Diagnostic Impressions Report

For problem gambling concerns only: OSAB, SOGS, BASIS for gambling clients

For concurrent concerns (substance use and gambling): OSAB, SOGS, BASIS plus either the ADAT (plus DHQ) or the Q3RRS (no DHQ) + Diagnostic Impressions Report

All required documents must be received together for an application to be processed. These documents must be completed by yourself (the referring counsellor) on behalf of your client. Once the entire package is completed please submit it to our Intake Clerk, Sabrina Appiah, via fax at 416-255-9021.