The Jean Tweed Centre has a long standing tradition of working in collaboration with other services and sectors. We believe we are stronger and more effective when we work together, share responsibility and tap into the creativity of varied mandates and perspectives.

The Jean Tweed Centre has been a leader in the development and promotion of Best Practices for Women with substance use and gambling problems. We have, for example, advocated for the inclusion of services for children in treatment settings, outreach services to marginalized women, and trauma support/ informed services for all women seeking help. At present, we are engaged in numerous service partnerships in the Health and Social Service Sector and we are active participants in system planning discussions at all levels of government and local service planning.


UHN Mental Health Partnership: On site mental health assessments and access to follow-up psychiatric care coupled with training and knowledge exchange.
Partners: Toronto Western Hospital

Concurrent Disorders Support Service Networks –
Toronto Central & Central West Initiatives:
To enhance service capacity through knowledge exchange and improved access to concurrent disorder capable services.
Partners: A large number of cross sectoral service providers in the Toronto Central and Central West LHINs

Pathways to Healthy Families: Outreach Services for pregnant and parenting women in 4 locations
across Toronto/or Parenting Women and children (0-6)
Partners: Rosalie Hall, Robertson House, Massey Centre for Women, Native Family and Family Services of Toronto, The Honourable William G. Davis Centre for Families, Bramalea Community Health Centre.
Funders: Ministry of Health

ROW – Reaching Out to Women: Trauma-informed Outreach Services for women with mental health and substance use issues in downtown Toronto
Partners: Fred Victor, Elizabeth Fry Toronto, Sistering, YWCA Toronto

Mainstay Housing: provides housing for mental health consumer-survivors. Building Futures. Creating Communities

YWCA Elm Centre: provides housing, community supports and mental health supports in for women in downtown Toronto in partnership with Jean Tweed.


Engaging substance using pregnant or parenting Aboriginal women, child welfare services and drug treatment providers in a collaborative process
Partners: Centre for Addiction & Mental Health and Ryerson University
Funders: Canadian Institute of Health Research

Outcome study for Seeking Safety program for a female population with co-occurring problem gambling and post traumatic stress
Partners: Women’s College Hospital and Harvard University
Funders: Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre

capacity building

Pathways to Healthy Families: Training, education  and consultation for services networks across Toronto

Pathways to Healthy Families: Building capacity within Toronto communities to identify and support pregnant and/or parenting women who use drugs or alcohol. Through consultation, training and education
Partners: Housing/Shelter system, Community Health Centres, Child Welfare, Youth Education/Substance Use Services/Networks
Funders: Ministry of Health