I want help

The Jean Tweed Centre offers a wide range of services for women experiencing problems with substance use and/or gambling. Each one has been designed with different needs and circumstances in mind.  

We invite you to read on and learn more about what is available. You may also want to attend our information session held bi-weekly (every other week) on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.  Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you. Child care is also available on site.

If you are outside Toronto, you can call us direct or you can ask your family physician or a local service provider to assist with a referral. If you are not familiar with a local service provider, you can access a provincial registry, Connex Ontario, which is available toll free at 1-800 565-8603 for substance use problems and 1-888-230-3505 for problem gambling check their web site, www.connexontario.ca for more information.

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Watch our information video to learn more about the programs and services we offer.