How you can help

Each year, the Jean Tweed Centre provides counseling and care to over 1,700 women and their families. Understanding each woman’s unique experience within the broader physical, emotional, social, cultural and gender framework, we provide a client centred approach to healthy recovery.

We know that a healthy recovery is possible if a woman has courage, vision, tenacity and support. You can be that support; become a Jean Tweed donor or volunteer.

become a donor

By donating to the Centre, we become community partners. Together, we ensure that women have a place to go where highly skilled counsellors can provide treatment. Your support ensures that hope is offered to women as they strive to develop life skills and make positive changes towards a healthy lifestyle. Your support provides a new beginning for women in our community.

There are a number of ways to make a donation to the Jean Tweed Centre and every donation makes a difference. Become a monthly donor, provide annual giving, provide a one-time gift or commit to planned legacy giving. Tax receipts will be provided for all donations.

Donate now and make a difference for women and their families.
You can make a personal gift by calling the Centre at 416-255-7359 ext. 245 as well.

Tribute gifts are a very thoughtful way to honour a family member, friend or colleague or to celebrate, remember, or commemorate a special occasion. Tribute gifts are also a special and lasting remembrance of someone who has touched your life. When you make a Tribute Gift, a card will be sent to the honouree or their family to acknowledge your special contribution.

A planned gift is a timeless gift for the future. It is arranged now, typically through an individual’s estate or financial plan and is actualized at a later date. Leave a legacy through bequests, gifts of residual interest, charitable remainder trust, gift of stock options, or transfer of shares. In all cases, the Jean Tweed Centre must be named as the beneficiary.

BEQUEST: A bequest is the most common way to leave a gift for the future. The gift is stipulated in an individual’s will, typically in the form of personal or real property.

GIFTS OF RISIDUAL INTEREST: A gift of residual interest is typically provided when a donor would like to give an irrevocable gift of property while retaining life interest – the use and enjoyment of the property, for the remainder of the donor’s life. This very often will take the form of a residence or art.

The charitable remainder trust: A charitable remainder trust is funded with income producing assets like cash, securities or real estate. The income is paid for life to the individual benficiary or the donor, and the principal is donated posthumously to the Jean Tweed Centre.

Gifts of stock or securities options: Charitable stock and securities are a type of donation that allows individuals to give to the Centre and the donor will not pay tax on the capital gain.

Transfer of shares: The donor gives publicly traded shares, bonds, mutual funds, bills, warrants and futures listed on the Canadian stock exchange.

In-kind donations are a type of giving in which, instead of giving a monetary donation, the donor gives goods or services.

The Jean Tweed Centre welcomes gifts in kind, however due to health and safety regulations there are some items we are not able to collect.

We happily accept the following types of donations: Art, books, gift cards, clothing, shoes, boots, toys, most baby equipment (high chairs & strollers) and non perishable food. We are not able to accept bedding, perishable foods, child car seats and electronic equipment.

If you have any questions about an item you would like to donate, please contact us at 416-255-7359 ext. 245.